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Apr 1, 2013 6:50am EDT
concepts -- contest. their message to the government focuses on inefficient government spending. peaking over each tother] ♪ >> dear president obama, we are approaching the fiscal cliff. government spending is a part of the problem. we need a solution. help us, please. the average american family earns about $45,000 per year. the federal government earns about $2.5 trillion per year. both have to budget to avoid it. american families spend $47,000 per year. only four percent of their spending is not justified by their budget. the government spends about $3.5 trillion per year. one third of their spending is not justified by their but idge. >> i level of concern about the federal debt is high. >> the nations that is the most significant problem. >> when you have a total national government debt that is the size of the national economy, you have a problem. our debt exceeds the size of the economy. it is over $16 trillion of gdp. of the problem is what has happened over the last several years with the recession. the recession led to declines in tax revenues. congress introduced tax cuts t
FOX Business
Mar 31, 2013 2:00am EDT
three billion in debt and we are at crisis levels. some here say it is time to get the government out of this business before it is too late. welcome to forbes on fox. rick unger and rich and elizabeth and john and morg an, so steve, the president said getting the private bankings out of the student loanand more government has it made it worse. >> it is. college costs continue to go up killing the middle class parents and kids. instead of catapulting a career it is it an albatross because the degree is indebtedness. get the government out so colleges learn to cut costs and have it three years instead of four years and on line and those reforms so you get an education to get ahead and starting out behind. >> student loans are up 90 percent of all student loans are begin bypass the government; is that too much? >> i acknowledge the problem. it is difficult for the kid and schools. but there is it a critical public policy issue here we can't forget. you take away student loans from the government, you are really saying from this moment on, people only with money can go to college. you do
Apr 3, 2013 10:30am PDT
to be here today. i'd like to introduce our special guest, lieutenant government gavin newsome. it (applause) at the thank you. >> also represent state mark malone's office tom ammiano. (applause) * >> all will return momentarily, i'm sure. paul henderson, representing mayor ed lee's office. [laughter] >> and to my right, i have the open house, our state association vice president and i'm sure other names, past president san francisco chapter. we have lots of our membership here including a couple of board members, kerry greenberg from fresno. [speaker not understood] is here. we have two representatives from san mateo county, barbara arieta and mike miller. i know people. at this time i'd like to say a few words about the california grand jurors association. it's an all volunteer group, 501(c) (3) dedicated to promoting the participation in the grand jury system, qualifies applicants to be grand jurors, bidthv awareness so we have consumers of the grand jury's product, report. at this point i'd like to turn it over for some lengthy introductions. >> thank you. thank you, keith. welcome, eve
Apr 1, 2013 6:30am PDT
. and we also train them at the local level about the city government and a little bit more about writing reports and what is expected of them here at the city level. so, they're not amateurs coming in. they are well trained and informed about what their duties are and what they can and cannot do. so, thank you. >> at this time i'd like to show you the product, psa. [laughter] >> california founders understood the importance of citizen oversight of local government. our writing into the state constitution requirement that each county will convene a civil grand jury with the express purpose of investigating local government activity. each year your county court, it's citizens just like you that serve as watchdogs over the government the jury has powers and local government is required to provide information the jury needs to conduct this investigation. the result of investigative reports can improve how local government does its job. reports also form the public about the performance of their government. serving on a civil grand jury is not only an experience you'll never forget, but you'l
Mar 31, 2013 7:30am PDT
in the 1.0 world. it was a company that created technology to connect citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for the city. i was also proud to work with then mayor newsome in passing the first generation of open data legislation that we have. but as our civil grand jury in june pointed out, our i-t in san francisco is still in need of a culture shock. and this is where all of us come in today. we have 200 data sets that have already been put out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show us in a very positive way. from my perspective, it
Apr 2, 2013 5:30am PDT
rebuilding the facilities at the uranium enrichment sites and bring the reactor back online. the government says the facilities will be used for military purposes as well as providing domestic power. south korea's foreign ministry has expressed disappointment. >> if the report is true, it is regrettable. north korea should keep its promise and agreements. our government will closely monitor the situation. >> china, one of north korea's few allies thomas has also expressed concern. >> the demutualization of the korean peninsula and stability is the china stance. the situation at present is complex and sensitive. we call on all sides to exercise restraint and return as soon as possible to talks and consultation to jointly seek a way to appropriately solve the issue. >> as the pressure intensifies, some in the south are beginning to feel the effect. .lorence looi has this report >> across the heavily guarded border is north korea, a country still technically at war with the south. people come to this border town to leave messages for families left behind when korea divided into two countries.
Apr 1, 2013 2:30am PDT
commission has an ethical duty, to notify dennis that he must rewrite his good government guide. that uses the analogous city-owned dumpster that the city employees don't have to go climbing into to find deleted records. that is ridiculous. under 340.90. >> gong never said at the outset that the records had been deleted they never told mr. wooding that his records had been deleted that did not come up until right at the end of the sotf process that he was finally told that they were, in fact, deleted. and had he been told that earlier he could have asked earlier that back up tapes be searched. mr. saint crox's to dismiss, that is hue in fact what miss gong should have done is referred mr. wooding to the department of technology and information services which is a city agency which must bypass mr. saint croix's awareness. >> she should have referred george to dtis, the second thing... >> mr. >> that she did not do... >> thank you, your three minutes is up. >> the private public partnership that she had an obligation. >> the private entities >> we have a lot of speakers today. >> sometimes..
Apr 1, 2013 4:50am EDT
most informed observers would agree, i think, that as a result of our government's counter- terrorism efforts spanning the bush and obama administrations and which i have included -- have included targeted force against known individuals, the u.s. is safer today from a terrorist attack from al qaeda overseas. some would say if would saybroke, don't fix it. the problem is the american public is suspicious of executive power shrouded in secrecy, in absence of an official picture of what our government is doing and by what authority, many in the public to avoid by envisioning the worst. they see dark images of civilian and military national security personnel in the basement of the white house judge,as prosecutor, jury, and executioner. going down a list of americans, deciding for,who shall live and who shall die, pursuant to a process and by standards no one understands. our government, in speeches given by the attorney general, john brennan, can myself, makes official disclosures of large amounts of information about its efforts and the legal basis for those efforts, but it
Mar 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
defeated. >> more on that story later on. nelson mandela is getting better and the government says the health of the former note -- south african president is further improved. he spent four years -- four days in the hospital treated for pneumonia. >> nelson mandela continues to receive treatment. we are satisfied the doctors are providing the former president the best possible medical care to enable him to recover and do so in comfort. south africacross held services with tens of thousands of people praying for his recovery. his family says they are encouraged by the support area the resources necessary as a church to pray. i know that by the time the this fortifies me as a person, to give me strength to carry on and support him whatever way he needs. >> to support nelson mandela's privacy the south african government has not revealed what hospital he has been treated at. he says he wants to spend his final days in his hometown, which is where al jazeera filed this report. >> incredibly peaceful here where mandela grew up. his first day at missionary school he was given the name n
Apr 3, 2013 6:30pm PDT
to damage the president. he came to office promising honesty and transparency in his government. now he is on the defensive. >> in future, we will do everything we can to prevent conflict between public and private interests and to ensure the disclosure and control of the wealth of ministers and parliamentarians. the government will introduce legislation to parliament in the coming weeks. >> on tuesday, the minister of knowledge he had owned and undeclared bank account for years, an account which now holds some 600,000 euros after denials before parliament. >> did you have a bank account in switzerland or not? >> i do not have one and i never did. >> the affair is especially embarrassing because he was the minister charged with tracking down french tax dodgers. some are already calling for hollande's resignation. >> with the political stakes so high in france right now, let's go to our correspondent. a politician hiding his well as french citizens face rising unemployment and austerity measures. how is the public reacting? >> you can imagine. i think the most damaging thing has just bee
Mar 31, 2013 5:30am PDT
like to join in the political process, talking to the government about the way out and the future of the politics. the taliban has been saying for the past few years that they do not recognize the government and that they still remain a legitimate force in afghanistan. all the parties understand that at this particularly critical moment to have to make some concessions to move forward. the international community is not going to allow for a taliban office if they are not generally willing to talk to the government about what to do after 2014. political analyst says that once the taliban opens an office, the government will have to take them more seriously. >> naturally it gives them more of a political legitimacy. it puts them under the pressures that legitimacy brings with it. at the same time it puts the afghan government in an interesting predicament. the afghan government has undermined itself by succumbing to its own conspiracy theory believe. i think that the afghan government will have to meet the taliban leadership and whether it takes place or not, just the opening of the
FOX Business
Mar 30, 2013 3:00am EDT
and a vesene organizations. we will straighten it out loud. good night. neil: defeating governments everywhere if you're talking about making a killing, but you better make sure you did make a killing because in cyprus they're counting. they're short. hello, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. dulce i didn't warn you. they just got away with raising ppople's bank accounts, albeit rich moguls bank accounts or russian oligarchs or mob officials, but even to allow that they could take all their money in deposits and that would not cover the cost of what they're looking at. it won't cover the bill. now you have to move down the food chain to fit that bill, and these people standing in line are going to be going off the wall. i told you, i said it would happen. it did to me it has. dashing the government's deviate's. no, just coming in and stealing rich folks tell right out of their bank accounts and without some much as asking that it would be the equivalent of stealing money from a baby in a one say that it would be a crime. the government that got it wrong because not only are they complaining. even tho
FOX Business
Apr 2, 2013 8:00pm EDT
sure we know way we're doing before we go ahead. that's the responsible job of people in government. it's not their job to let it go willie nilly, but do it right so public health is protected, the tourism industry is protected, the ag industry, if there was a catastrophic polluted ground water in california, a state with little water to begin with, you know, has enormous economic consequences so i think jerry brown sets the right tone. a democratic president has got out of the way here. be clear the democratic party as a party is not against fracking or domestic production in the u.s.. obama is out of the way, seen the explosion of domestic production on his watch setting the right tone, i think, for the country right now. liz: craig, do you agree with simon the president got out of the way? >> well, the president is not helping the issue by ignoring the issue, and here in california, we got a situation where it's kind of like we have a california lottery winner, and the democrats are trying to stop redeeming of that ticket. we have an incredible economic boom ahead of us to solve a lo
Mar 30, 2013 10:30am EDT
and that is the unemployment problem in the u.s. is more serious than it appears from the official government statistics. the main reason why the official rate of unemployment has declined is the official estimates of the labor force has hardly increased at all since 2008 because the population growth is just stock. what happened is millions of fun and plant workers have given up looking for a job coming and they are not counted in the official government statistics. and if we just as an exercise assume. it's been on a plan that would be three or four percentage points higher than the official 7.9 or 811 or 12%. clearly in double digits and that's serious. and i think the unemployment rate is going to remain double digits for the foreseeable future unless the government creates major job initiatives and bob is going to tell us tonight how that can be done. join me in welcoming bob. [applause] >> thank you very much. i'm happy to be here. so i guess the plan is i will warm up and talk about what is in this tiny little book to give some overview and then we to have a discussion. s. fred said, he took all
Apr 1, 2013 5:30am PDT
fighting broke out between buddhists and muslims. about 1000 muslims remained in camps. the government report has been delayed several times. another committee has been set up to deal with the latest unrest. it seems the government of burma is very good at setting a national level committees to rook at problems, but very poo in implementing a meaningful solution that will protect lives and property. there need to be clear orders to the police to maintain order. also, make an example of people who are felt to have been involved in violence. they should be held accountable to the law. >> religious tension has existed for a long time in myanmar. the partly civilian government replacing military rule, the tensions are being exposed. francis has given the power of the vatican bringing an end to this year's easter celebration for catholics from world. thousands of people filled st. peter's square for the service. byis usually accompanied doreen of the bill for the call to prayer. a day of mourning after least 10 people killed by flash floods. most victims were trapped in their cars near the
Apr 3, 2013 5:30am PDT
, the people there feel it is a very strong message from the syrian government. earlier the syrian government had warned they will stop people from helping the rebels and smuggling weapons into serious it will take matters into their own hands and will act. it is the second time the syrian government has struck targets inside lebanese territories. this part it struck today was 20 kilometers away from the lebanese-syrian border. still, a major concern for not only people here that this would mean a spillover of the conflict into web and on, but also for politicians on how to deal with this. >> at least seven people have been killed after suicide bombers in afghanistan army uniforms. two of the bombers reported reportedly blew themselves up after driving their car into the compound. security forces say the attack was trying to free a taliban president from facing trial. a policeman, a judge, and his son were also killed. asia's parliament is being the ball -- malaysia's government being dissolved. the prime minister has been in power for more than 50 years. the next elections expected to be a t
Mar 31, 2013 4:30pm PDT
disposed towards government which after all is a symbol of community and a facilitator sometimes of community, they're for it. also they are a nondiscriminatory generation. government can have a role on that. also 9/11 had an impact that's been a decade ago but it has an impact. it gave the younger people a reason to be positive about government because government was physically protecting them. when werm kids the government was fighting a war over there. this government is protecting us here. >> these are young people under 30. on the issues we know that 32% more liberal on gay marriage than boomers. on gun control 9% more liberal than boomers. 13% more than boomers on illegal immigration. howard mentioned expanding role of government 10% more than boomers. i may be a liberal but i'm not big on big government. the younger crowd even younger than you are saying i like them. >> they are. they're favorable toward big government. i was interviewing david bernsteen. he talked about the embrace of government. but there's also a very interesting skeptism. this is a group that saw the m
FOX Business
Mar 28, 2013 8:00pm EDT
is breathing a sigh of relief, no panic, no run, no riot, no problem. now imagine if you are the government of cyprus. you just managed to somed toed e bank deposits from folks and got away with it not bad, the world is giving you a hand for pulling it off, everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that life is learning to normal in cyprus, i'm worried they are so happy, mark my words, life will never be the same in cyprus or anywhere else, bank on it. welcome, i am neil cavuto, at least 300 euros beats no euros that is how much separate -- cypriots could withdraw from their banks today. now i'm sure they are marveling how a tiny island nation got away with pulling off a tsunami of a steal, taking tax the rich to a whole new do bodacious lev, a sovereign government, ran in scooped up 40 to 80% of the money from the rich folks, sure they are whining, the rich have been whining for a while, who listens? who cares? easy targets. the rich know they got a bullseye on them, who knew a tiny island nation just put a bigger one on them. that is why i'm worried about how well everyone seem to be taking
FOX Business
Apr 3, 2013 9:00pm EDT
an irresponsible government. washington pushes to make home loans easier as consumers tighten their belts. also, don't get ripped off by the repair man. e best advice for all those home repairs. and don't look the ticket until you hear what our expert from consumer reports has to say. we are on the case next on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: we will have all that and more coming up, but first our top story tonight, the consumer versus the government. it is now clear while washington was lecturing everybody else on responsibility, is completely ignored the lessons of the financial crisis. the federal government wants banks to give mortgages to people with so-so credit. a whole reason the economy collapsed in the first place. the rest of america is mor disciplined with their finances. according to a new survey out, so what is going on? joining me now, mark, welcome back to the show. let's start with the problems in washington. the white house saying the health and recovery is leaving too many people behind, especially people who are low and middle income. do they have a right? >> certainly part
FOX News
Mar 28, 2013 7:00pm PDT
that are awol a day in the federal government, in other words, they're not taking a paid day off, they're not sick, they just don't show up for work and that's a large number that's into the millions of dollars of costs every year and we don't have the management tools to fire somebody mo just doesn't show up for work. >> imagine leadership that knows how to prioritize, to ensure national security and to stop government waste. >> government's going to have to learn to do more with less. it's not the government's money, it's the people's money and our children's money because we're borrowing from the next generation to pay for this. >> you aen i know that the federal government wastes hundreds of billions each year. >> and there are dozens of jobs training programs which overlap and duplicate each other. >> cutting waste means more accountability. >> we have great federal employees, the vast majority, but you can't manage an organization if you can't control good work. >> now, you heard right. while the defense department and f.a.a. get ready to furlough critical workers, the federal go
FOX Business
Mar 31, 2013 2:30am EDT
of bringing government down to earth . winning taking care of everything. nico's adof tiger wood a smart narcoticing move or morally wrong. >> and how much healthcare is costing americanings . now it covers those who are not americans. cashin in starts right now. i am eric bowl welcome to cashin in. wayne rogerings, johnathon and traces burns and also monica crawley and christian dorsey. welcome everybody . as you sit home and write out your tax check to ule sam. look at what the i.r.s. is spending your money on >> there is money laundery and man cures and hair cuts in the street. >> remember what is important. enhancing the taxpayer insurance - experience. >> me, i became a public servant. oh, boy, the tax agency claims training tamp i tapes were made a few years ago and help tod save money. lawmakers are not buying it and demanding answers. johnathon, you say you have the answers already? >> eric if we want to live long and prosper we have to slash and burn. my god, this is outrageous. listen they take and take and take and spend their entire budget if they don't spend it they will not
Apr 4, 2013 7:00pm PDT
in vietnam know the deadly and damaging impact of the virus. so government officials there are taking no chances. >>> it was chiefs in japan are trying to figure out what authorities will do next. intelligence reports the north korean military have moved a medium range ballistic missile to launch site. they are considering calling on the north to refrain from any further provocations. they will meet next wednesday and thursday in london. they are expected to confirm their governments will implement a corporation that include stronger sanctions against the country. they may release a chairperson statement warning north korea it will further isolate itself by making any new provocations. the statement would also call on authorities to take concrete steps to resolve the situation. north korean leaders have threatened a nuclear strike on american targets and said they are in state of war with south korea. cabinet ministers in japan meet on friday to improve new measures. they are expected to add two years to a ban on north korea ships entering japanese ports. the government plans to freez
Mar 31, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. >> there has been a peace offering given it to his political rival. they are trying to show that the government of canada will not ignore them. >> hamid karzai is in talks. the taliban is opening an office in dog. international troops are expected to leave afghanistan in 2014. politicalis an afghan analysts that says once the taliban has an office in qatar, they will be taken more seriously. >> naturally, it will give them ,ore of a political legitimacy and it puts them under certain pressures that legitimacy brings with it, but at the same time, it puts the afghan government and a very, very interesting predicament. the afghan government has undermined itself by succumbing to its own conspiracy theory. i think the afghan government will have to, whether they meet the leadership or not, just opening the office creates a new chapter in which the taliban have to behave differently. reduced to a degree where the government has lost its traction, and even the smallest achievement by this government will mean a lot. this government does not seem to be capable even of smaller achievements. sorry to s
Apr 5, 2013 8:00pm EDT
it and what are the ramifications? what the only way for the government to make something expensive is for the government to make it affordable. and all you have to do is look at the programs. what were the average inflationary costs of health care and before wheat created medicare and medicaid? dram the same as every other aspect of our inflation. there was no differential between the health care cost now that we have a government program what has happened is health care costs are two or sometimes three times the rate of the average inflation in the economy so what you did as number one you have a supreme court ruling that it was in the best interest of the country to take away the liberties of individuals. the congress had gone outside of the power which lists very specifically with the congress can do, and yet the supreme court held up the abandonment of the nm trade powers and also the trump and of the tenth amendment >> host: why when it comes to the commerce clause you use that with the supreme court wrote justice in her testimony in you reprint that testimony coming your back
Apr 2, 2013 5:00pm EDT
.s.-chinese relation the. there's a couple questions. is the chinese government behind hacking the united states' companies and governments. how bad is it? if so, how should the u.s. respond? >> okay. let me start with a little background. first of all, all governments engage in intelligence gathering, vis-a-vis, the other governments, and so the big point of friction and tension comes when a government or a company gathers intelligence, you know, through hacking, gathers intelligence trade secrets from u.s. companies. .. we are saying if you want to you can say no and and watch tv, you can do whatever you want, but if you really care you will decide what is in the best interest of the children and if they are not interested it will never happen. the majority will never take any interest in the betterment of their children but i would disagree with you. the majority of them care about their children. they love their children just as much as i love mine. unfortunately some of them haven't had the opportunity that i've been blessed to have and the majority of these members have in the system and n
Mar 31, 2013 9:00pm EDT
two years. if the entire government had sustained cuts we had sustained the budget would be $500 illion smaller than it is now. so we feel we've made a significant contribution to debt reduction. >> the impact of spending cuts on public television on the communicate tors on c-span2. >> the british house of commons is in recess so prime minister's questions will not be seen tonight. it returns on april 17 on c-span2. next a discussion on the prospects of the house and senate agreingsing on a 2014 budget. this is from "washington journal." it's about 30 minutes. >> and we're back with our budget round table. stan collender writes for roll call and capital gains and and peter morici from the university of maryland, welcome to you both. >> peter, let me begin with you. there is lots of talk president obama wants to have a grand bargain in this budget process. what does a grand bargain look like to you? guest: that would put us in good shape long term. get the budget deficit down to a level where the growth in the debt essentially levels off and it is at a level where as a
FOX News
Mar 30, 2013 1:00pm PDT
of the viewers we want to get government out of our lives, right? the fallacy is by avoiding these taxes you are sort of keeping government out of your life. what the imf report described was the way governments, not just the u.s., but governments across the world subsidize energy in all kinds of ways. some of them in ways we can't see. what they said is if the united states actually made the cost of energy equal to the real costs of pulling that energy out of ground and paying for the pollution along with it and roads and all that, you would have to raise taxes on gas. >> i read most of this report, as well. this so-called cost of fossil fuels that the imf talks about this, most of this cost, two trillion dollars was in estimates on damage that fossil fuel does to the environment. so their estimate, they are bunch have nerds that smoke dope. >> neil: maybe they should try smoking dope. >> we should point out with preconceived notion. they go in with a preconceived notion that america is evil, we pollute the world and they go out and prove that. it reminds me a little bit of this whole thing
Apr 2, 2013 6:30pm PDT
blow up the cooling tower a year after the nuclear facility was shut down, but the government in p'yongyang plans to restart the plutonium plant as soon as possible. the reactor is capable of producing just 5 megawatts of power compared to state of the art plants capable of churning out 1,000 megawatts. analysts say north korea already possesses enough nuclear material to produce eight nuclear bombs. with it back on line, the material could multiplied in the years ahead. the united nations secretary general warned against further escalation on the korean peninsula. >> nuclear threats are not a game. aggressive rhetoric and military posturing only serve to grow fair and instability. >> if these reports are true, then this is very regrettable. north korea should honor agreements and promises made in the past and continue with the de-neutralization of the korean peninsula. our government is closely monitoring the situation. >> south korea's main ally, the u.s., has deployed a homage to the area, but it is also downplaying the aggressive rhetoric, saying it has not observed any large-s
Apr 1, 2013 6:00am PDT
the area. north korean authorities are pushing ahead with programs that governments around the world are trying to halt. state-run media are reporting delegates for the supreme people's assembly endorsed legislation to solidify their country's status as a nuclear armed nation. they also created a new department for space development. the supreme people's assembly is north korea's parliament. it usually meets once a year. delegates s prove decisions an the national budget, new legislation, and leadership changes. this is the first time they've gathered since north korean scientists launched a rocket in december, and held a nuclear test in february. ahead of the meeting senior members sat down to gather on sunday. first secretary and north korean leader kim jong-un announced plans to strengthen the nation's nuclear and missile capabilities. he also said the regime would rebuild the economy, which is stagnant, and improve the people's standard of living. >>> the economic interests of north korean leaders are in some cases trumping feelings of animosity they have toward their neighbor. t
Mar 29, 2013 5:30am PDT
bloodshed, and one of the flaws -- >> i'm sorry. let me get into syria. >> is a major power from funding non-government groups. >> is it a mere coincidence that two countries iran and syria that happen to be political allies were the two countries that blocked this draft and two countries that have an arms trade agreement together? >> no. if you look carefully, you will see that india objected. they had strong reservations, pakistan. >> they objected but it's iran and syria and north korea that has blocked -- >> if you would allow me to speak, i would continue and say iran has a lot of history with international law. the u.s. security council with he iran-iraq war blocked saddam hussein as even being named as those in the west. but they provided him with chemical weapons to slaughter iranians. and while iran is abiding by international law, the pressure is on iran from the international atomic agency because the countries there are duns of power and in the west so the iranians are saying anything international has to be fair. if it is fair the iranians are fine with it but western countries which prov
Apr 1, 2013 8:00pm EDT
for private donations, from corporations and foundations, state governments and viewers like you. so, for every dollar of federal funding invested, we generate another six dollars in nonfederal activity. >> host: if a station can't raise money privately, how, then, does -- does it go off the air or does. >> guest: well, the cpb grant will be a -- it's a sliding formula. the larger stations need less. the cpb grant is less of a factor than it is in more rural stations. but we have a universal service requirement under the public broadcasting act, and we provide service to everybody whether they're an economic winner or not. so we serve native american reservations and more rural areas, and we go every and serve everybody for free. >> host: does the federal government have any other role in your programming decision besides the funding the corporation for public broadcasting? >> . no in. no in fact there's a fire wall established for the corporation for public broadcast, which prohibits the federal government from being involved in programming decisions. so cpb provide the grants and
FOX Business
Mar 31, 2013 8:30am EDT
to get government out of our lives, right? and the fallacy is that by avoiding these taxes, you're keeping government out. it's the opposite. what the imf reports was the way that gew ernments not just the u.s. government, but governments across the world subsidize energy in all kinds of ways, some in ways that we can't see. what they said is if the united states actually made the cost of energy equal to the real cost of sort of pulling that eneuy out of the ground and paying for the pollution along with it and the roads and all that-- >> i can answer this directly because i read it, i read most of this report as well and this so cost of fossil fuel that the imf talks about, most of this cost, which is close to 2 trillion dollars, was in estimates on the damage that fossil fad l does to the environment and-- so they're estimates, a bunch of nerds who don't smoke dope who are sitting around running the numbers. >> neil: maybe they should try. >> that's my point, we should point out that they go in this with preconceived notions how they do these reports. precoleveived reports tha
Mar 30, 2013 8:30am PDT
the downfall of every western government and to make sure those puppet regimes are destroyed and the law of alice but in every corner of the earth. >> they are beginning in london 's east end where sharia patrol constitutes a threat to everyone. >> russia's roads are notoriously lawless, but these days, much of the madness is captured on the dashboard cameras that many russians have installed in their cars. with the footage the record counting as evidence in court, dashcams have become a way for the general public to turn the tables. now, big brother is being watched. >> russian roads are a perilous place to be. seeing is believing. it is dog eat dog, and no one is above the law. the armed forces, farmers, and individuals exercising their right to self expression. this chaos is normal on russian motorways. say is all too familiar with russian drivers and their problems. he listens to their woes on his daily radio program. >> there is stress at work, trouble at home, but out on the road, i can be myself and drive like i want. that explains these videos. >> now, everyone can witness this d
Apr 1, 2013 5:30pm PDT
best to make sure she got medical attention. he asked the government to find kim, now 71 years old. >> she and her mother were two examples of the most courageous people i've ever known. so this is a monumental day for me. i'm very happy. >> officials from south korea's min vi of patriots and veteran's affairs organized the reunion. they hope events like this can help bring south korea and it's lies closer together. >>> japanese government officials have been discussing how to protect japan's maritime interests. they've released a draft of their plans for the next five years. they plan to increase security around the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan control the islands. china and taiwan claim them. they're calling for a quicker response for vessels found in the area without a permit. it will monitor and protect the coe key areas. the defense ministry is planning to install radar systems on the island. ministers also it outlined a three year plan to survey the seabed. they're hoping to use methane deposits as a source of natural gas. they want to sta
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